04 December 2013

DIY | Gift Wrapping

Hi everyone, it's Maree here from Rose Tinted Illustration to share some creative ways to wrap your gifts this Christmas!

Inspiration Ideas:

So the best thing to start with is by collecting some inspiring imagery to help you form your own design or in this case a monogram. I have a pinterest board dedicated to inspirational design so I keep that as a reference when I am creating.

What you will need:

- Washi Tape (I got mine from Spotlight & Kmart but there are heaps of online stores like Wocolate)
- Cardboard boxes in different sizes to suit each gift
- Scissors
- Twine
- Vintage Sewing Pattern (pick these up for like $1 at opshops)
- Black Pen or Pencil
- Brown Paper

Vintage Floral Wrapping:


This sweet look uses the paper instructions you will have in the sewing pattern as wrapping paper, and you can also use the pattern pieces like you would tissue paper. Try and get a fashion illustration to be the focal point of your wrapping. Use your prettiest floral washi tape to secure the paper and decorate the gift. I used a few different varieties to spice it up! Create a label out of brown paper and draw a Merry Christmas monogram on it. Thread this to the twine which will bind the gift and tie a bow.

Christmas Candy Wrapping:


This classic style using brown paper and candy cane striped washi tape is complete with a hand drawn monogram and twine. I used a cut out of a skirt from the sewing pattern to make a label that threaded onto knotted twine. Using the tape diagonally on the corners created a great accent and pop of colour!
Happy gift wrapping!!

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