09 December 2013

Maternity Photoshoot | 30 Weeks Pregnant

Michelle came to visit me here in the sunny Hawkes Bay and snapped a few maternity shots of me at 30 weeks pregnant. It's pretty crazy to know I have more or less 10 weeks to go! 

It's all very exciting, yet very scary at the same time to think in a few weeks time I will be taking care of my own little human I have been growing for 9 months. 

We are also in the process of looking at buying our first home, which mean I can finally get to   decorate our babies room which in itself is very exciting. But more on that another time..


  1. Hello babbbbbbyyyyyy!!! I love these. What a special time for you and Mikey Mike to go through. I can't believe you only have 10 weeks to go. I guess that means in 7 weeks time I get to share my photos with you. Our boys are going to be great mates:) Love you doll xxxxx

  2. This is such a lovely photo shoot! x


  3. Oh, I love these! And you look amazing with the baby bump! =)


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