21 April 2009

alejka photography

Check out Alejka's stunning photography


  1. thanks for the jewelry tip on ...shhhhh.

    wow, this IS a stunning photo. i like all the photos you have found and posted on this page! especially the vintage-looking ones!

    i only hope to be that good of a photographer some day.

    do you take photos too?

    (great blog!)

  2. Lol.. awhh what a nice surprise to hear from you! :)

    thanks you, i wish i could take incredible photos~!
    i have taken a couple, some of my early blogs when i just started.. but not as good as these ones i have found.. i guess i leave it up to the professionals! :)

    il keep you posted on some interesting jewelry our store stocks :) hehe... i love jewelry as well! Interesting and artsty stuff.... maybe this could be my next post... :)

  3. woowps, my friends amanda baxter was at my house for a photo-shoot! lol... and she was signed in! sorry! that was actually me commenting back ... awhhh lol

  4. welll.. i think i just commented like twice under amandas name! hahaah! oh goodness!!!!


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