26 April 2009

i have a dream

I AM STARTING OF THINKING MAKING MY OWN JEWELRY, I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT FOR A WHILE. This will consist of material jewelry mainly. I think its a great opportunity for me to expand in. I love all things vintage, and creative. Therefore why not have a challenge. I woke up this morning thinking of having my own little store one day, where I get to choose everything i love...and sell it. Me and Ilana a friend of mine had a stroll down Casabella lane yesterday, a beautiful little boutique lane down a road not far from where i work. There is a particular store called Red Current which is one of my favorite stores, and lead to this inspiration. It's been a while since a thought about this. Everybody starts small right? So my aim is now is to photograph these brooches i have made, make some more and interesting neclaces and so on? And get them on etsy/trademe and show friends. :)

So wish me luck....


  1. oh you should totally do it.
    designing jewellry would be heaps of fun and you can branch out and do so many things with it.
    can't wait to see pics!


  2. i wish you all the luck!i bet you can do it..for sure!:)
    in the future i'd also love to hav emy own shop in the corner one day where i can sell wonderful stuff that i love to share:)
    ps:post your DIY jewelry okey?

  3. thankyou so much!
    i cant wait to see your own jewellry. :)

  4. I will come work for you my love! Amanda might kill me to leave her for another jewellery store tho :P Haha but maybe she can join us! Yes yes sone! Be crafty! Do it! :)

  5. It is so good to have such a vision at young age, you go for it girl, because that is what it makes you happy and that it's the main thing. To be happy :), let us know when you open it, we'll have a big party and we'll also buy your jewellry :). Miguel


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