29 April 2009

Little Robot Art

one my my favs! love the candy hidden in the beard
love the hair and the combination of the birdcage! I have a birdcage like this in my bedroom and its soo nice waking up to it! Just because i love it so much lol! :)

These drawings reminds me of one of my older post where i did a range of Audrey Kawasaki's work which was just finominal! :)

Makes me think of my mum :)

who is Little Robot? Find out here....

you will be happy to hear you can find her on the famous etsy as well under little robot.. :)


  1. wow..very impressive!i like the 1st!

  2. i love artwork which includes long hair like thease ones..
    you have a birdcage like that one? you are so lucky!I am searching for one too, but i think i will never get one, but nver say never, as they say!

    ps. your blog is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. thanks! i love the first one along with the one of the hair! :)

    keep looking for that birdcage! seek and you shall find lol!

  4. Love the cut paper art! Thanks for sharing all your great finds, also love puff pastry! Lovely stuff!

  5. all these images are amazing!

    thank you SO very much for your comment by the way! it was so very encouraging! i simply want to share the love of Christ with everyone i come across... even in the blog world! thank you for your kind words sister... let's be friends. :)

  6. I love these, especially the first!


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