07 September 2009

Beautiful Wedding Photography

I found an amazing photographer! So I took a few favourites and just combine them with the wedding photo's! I love the vintage look on all of them! She is truly talented!

On the 19th of Sep my sister will be getting married! :) can you believe it! We are all so excited and sad as it's the last wedding in our family! I can't to see their photo's! It's going to be amazing!! :)

For more of this photographer visit oh darling!


  1. These are beautiful! :)) Your posts are always gorgeous and never fail to leave this magical feeling... :))

  2. I thought the pictures were posed - very good.

    My favourite has to be embarrassing father. That...is...classic.

  3. How exciting!

    Counting down the days now :) Your gonna be a beautiful bridesmaid Sone!!!

    Ooooh la lah!!!

  4. The pictures are really beuatiful, u have sucha lovely blog^^


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