10 September 2009


Lucinda & Yusuke's wedding invitations I designed !

Personalizing your wedding

Martha Stewart!
That woman is a genius!

Crafty cufflinks

The new trend for weddings 210 will be called INDIE WED!
It's for those who is taking a more non-traditional approach on their wedding day as well as keeping it eco-friendly!

I am on a role, Lucinda & Yusuke's wedding is on the 19th of September and she will be moving in with us on sunday for a week! I am so excited that my I will actually for the last time be living with my sister in the same house! :)

i found all this inspiration on this amazing blog!
Can't wait for my next post!


  1. That is vite is so simple and classy, beautiful! there are sooo many amazing diy wedding blogs around these days


  2. Wow, you did amazing on their designs sone!!!

    Love it!!!

  3. I loveeee the wedding invatation! :D
    Pretty pictures....ahhh~* Thanks darls for your comments :) You have a good one! Looking forward to your posts... ;))

  4. beautiful designs! exciting wedding soon!!

    oh, how much do you LOVE martha stewert weddings. have you seen her magazines? their amazing. if only we had things like that in nz.


  5. Indie wedding...sounds delightful :)
    The invite is beautiful...so indie and elegant all at once.


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