17 September 2009

Lucinda's Wedding post

Lucinda & Michelle on my hen's night
my illustration
me and my sister lucinda when we just came to new zealand
Lucinda and her husband to be Yusuke from Japan

As a younger sister seeing my sister getting married is going to a be a bigger thing than what I imagined it to be. I keep visualizing me walking down the isle and then looking at her husband to be and knowing HE IS IT, HE IS HER ONE AND ONLY....

It just takes me back to when we where little girls playing together and how we are finally grown up married woman. :) Life is precious you have to breath in every special occasion.


  1. Sweet photos! :D
    Ooh, i was talking bout your avatar pic on the right column...! ;))

  2. i sincerely hope the day went on fantasticly! The pics are lovely

  3. congrats to your siz.they look cute together.and yeah, hens nights rule.


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