20 May 2010

Devine DIY

Before I start my daily routine, I had to find something today that makes me smile. I also listen to a podcast to put me into the right frame of mind. It spoke about how each of us should CHOOSE to be happy.

Question of the day:
What makes you happy?



  1. thanks for looking at my blog!!!

    I really like yours.
    DIY projects make me happy :) I just made some hair bows and i love them.

    please follow my blog and I will do the same!!


  2. Hey dol! Awh thanks baby cheeks! Ek't nou net die file vir jou gestuur :) Awh dit maak my excited!

    Today, what is making me especially happy, is setting myself goals and GETTING THEM DONE! :) :)

    Come on productive day!


  3. I love the felt pastries, they're darling.

    And cooking for my friends makes me happy. xx

  4. My cat makes me happy at the moment, especially when she sleeps near my feet. That way I can steal her body heat as it's very cold at the moment where I am.

    *Love the packaging with the mock wood grain and the oak leaves in this blog post. :)

    Have a lovely day. x

  5. oh so much pretty stuff!
    sleeping in makes me happy :-)


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