16 May 2010

Parrott Design Studio

I am designing some wedding invitations for a friend and I have been doing allot of research and came across Parrott Design Studio. These are so adorable, if only letterpress was cheap! :)

It's a Sunday afternoon and I am getting ready to put my feet up after my hubbies 30th! We had allot of family over and had a great catch up on Friday! What a blast!!


  1. WOW. That is amazing!
    Really pretty :D

  2. i am also in the process of designing my best friend's wedding invites. i have decided to go with letterpress, too. it's just too fabulous not to, no matter the cost. i can't wait. this is my fourth invite design, but only my first letterpress!!

    lovely samples you've found here. i hope you will post your design at some point. i probably will... with my friend's permission, of course.


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