03 June 2010

Colour me pretty with cupcakes

I recently got offerd a full time graphic design job! I am in 7th Heaven! So how better than to celebrate it with pretty cupcake, tarts and cakes!
Hope your day isn't as cold as here.



  1. congratulations on the new job! that is so exciting! good luck. xo

  2. congrats on your new opportunity!
    you will do a great job, your design skills are amazing!

    these cupcakies are just too adorable!

  3. really jealous! I work as the graphic designer for a chemical company and I find that I'm not challenged enough! Good luck, my dear!! And those cupcakes looks good enough to actually eat!

  4. congratulations!! that is awesome news!

  5. I'm a graphic designer in a small chemical firm in Missouri (United States). I design labels for janitorial products, much like Windex or Dawn Dish Soap. However, only about 10 people work here so my really creative work is few and far between. I spend a lot of my time looking for inspiration and quite often find it thru blogging. Glad to find a fellow designer!


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