19 June 2010

Illustrations from Bankok, Thailand

I had the most amazing day off! Mum & Dad took me to the Polynesian Day Spa in Rotorua!You get to choose from 26 hot spring pools.

As an early Birthday present we both went for a Hydro Spa massage treatment! Wich I would recommend to anybody who is looking into get a bit of a treat. And to finish that off, we swam in the hot mineral pools 3hours later, and had a lovely picnic in the sun.

I had a mini holiday in 1 day :) I feel vibrant refreshed and ready to take another 6 months on for this  year.


  1. These are amazing Sone! What a find ~ man you have a gorgeous blog! I've been having a nice lil nosey around ~ beautiful pics :)

  2. Ooh that spa website is just so relaxing! Sounds like you had a great time :)

    I love these illustrations so pretty, especially the first one!

    I just finished reading the question you left in your comment on my blog, did you want to know how to install widgets? Or a navigation bar? I could totally help you with either, it's really easy :)


  3. Wow lucky lucky girl!!!! I've never been to those spa's but would LOVE to go!



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