07 February 2011

Giveaway: Valentine's day Polli Tandem Necklace (closed)


What’s the most romantic thing anyone has done for you? 

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open to International readers / closes on the 14th of February 2011

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  1. my husband makes dinner for me at times . i think that is pretty romantic .

    tumblemumbo at gmail.com

  2. nice giveaway !

    also i am blog follower and fan on fb

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  3. Everything that my husband did to me is romantic. I even couldnt choose :')

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  4. gfc follower and visited the site .

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  5. My husband wrote me a poem even though that's something he normally wouldn't do. It was so sweet and cute.

    I follow your blog as Shilo Beedy


  6. Daisy, daisy give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you...

    Did'nt join the Marines to be with me


  7. I don't have a boyfriend/fiance/husband so... I think walking under the stars would be so romantic. I need anything more;). "Just" love, love and even more love! This necklace is super original. I've never seen such a stylish necklace. I would love to win! Thank you for a chance. Have a nice day!


    PS. My email address is with "_"; it isn't a space;)

  8. Oh my gosh. You have no idea how perfect this necklace is for me! I love the popularity of riding slower, riding to and from places in normal clothes etc but with my vision impairment I'm unable to ride a bike on my own. I walk instead. However, I have ridden on tandem bikes to be able to enjoy the experience with others. And I love picnics, food, cooking and my dog comes everywhere with me. This would be the first "bike" related item that really shares a part of me. It's like it was made for me. (my dog would argue though that it's not a fair representation of him as a large breed dog! He would need a side cart attached to the tandem, hee hee)

    So... romantic things are done often as for me they can be just the little details of bringing lights to a sunset picnic or for a nighttime walk so that I don't struggle so much. Sometimes when I sit down to my computer, my husband has left a message for me on the screen... so cute.

    I follow your blog through RSS feed.

  9. I love biking and I love jewelry so this is perfect! My email is meredeth.griffin@student.oc.edu and my blog is http://meredethgphotography.blogspot.com

  10. My husband surprised me with dinner and a movie. He even got someone to babysit the kids. I had no idea. It was so romantic.


  11. Following your blog!



  12. Speaking of Tandem bikes...i had never learned to ride a bike and I was 35 ! My fiancee at the time who is now my husband, rented a tandem and took me out on a romantic ride at sunset with a sweet picnik packed for the end of the bike trail we were on ...now that is pure love.

  13. Facebook follower!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!



  14. I am a facebook follower and I left a little message too !! Also, I suscribe to the Polli blog !! xo

  15. being kissed at the top of the empire state building by my one and only...

  16. I'm already a follower of the blog!


  17. OMG! I love this necklace.. My boyfriend and I once rented a tandem together in Luzern, Switzerland while backpacking through europe together two summers ago!

    Let's see the most romantic thing??
    That is a toughy. I would have to say, when my boyfriend and I started dating... we refused to give each other our numbers until about a month later. He would write me a letter a day, instead of all the random text messages, I got a decorated and hand written letter everyday for a month when he finally just left me an envelope with his number in it... and he wrote "Just in case". I got to date someone old fashion style and modern. It was very cute! Now I have a pile of letters and that's how we got to know eachother very well. Plus I could re read them when I thought of him. :)



    I hope I get this amazing necklace! :)

  18. The most romantic thing that's ever happened to me... It happened when I was 16 and I was living in the south of France. I was on a year-long exchange and during that year I met a wonderful French boy and we were each other's Big First Love... But sadly the end of my year was fast approaching. With just two weeks left in the country I was feeling really sad about leaving and he whisked me away on a weekend trip to Paris... Both being only 16 years old we were young and broke, but we walked the streets of Paris in the snow.. The Champs Elysee was aligned with gorgeous Christmas lights at the time... It was and probably will forever be the most romantic night of my life.


  19. i am a follower & that necklace is too cute!

    the most romantic thing my husband has done for me is hold me for hours when i felt as low as a dirty goat. xx

  20. Last week was pretty awful, I was in a pretty bad mood and not looking forward to this week ahead... but today I received this big bunch of smiley faced balloons, with a card that read "Now I know you're smiling". A certain someone sent it to me so to lift my spirits :-) and they certainly achieved that.

  21. So cute! Count me in. :)


  22. well i am not currently in a relationship, and the boys i've been with have been quite unromantic to say the least. but one of my good friends did something incredibly sweet for me recently. he knew i was feeling down at school and the next day i came into my studio to find a box full of hundreds of fortune cookies. he knows i love them.

    and this necklace is pretty much the greatest.

    and i'm a follower. :)

  23. well, i've never been in a romantic relationship before... i usually end up being the friend with guys. but i'm not complaining, they're really sweet to me. hopefully that counts :)

    1. one likes to randomly text me in the middle of the night so i'll wake up with a nice message waiting for me
    2. another randomly told me he was going for a run later and that he misses me

    elegant_storms (at) yahoo.com

  24. Last yr on my b'day my fiance organized a wonderful day, best b'day I've had. We went on a hot air balloon ride and watched the sun rise, then we had breakfast on the beach (it's summer here in Dec/Jan/Feb) and spent the rest of the day horse riding. And had a private dinner at a restaurant at the Eureka tower (think twin towers but smaller and there's only one, amazing night city views).

  25. My follower name: Tayyaba

    The most romantic thing happened to me was the birthday surprise my fiance gave...i was out the whole day for some work and next day was my birthday...when i came back home..around 12am...my room door was shut...my family behaved in normal way so that i don't get a clue about surprise..when i opened the door i was shocked..my room was full of roses ...on the walls, on bed, on dressing & study table...flowers were everywhere...small & big bouquets..floor & bed were full of petals..& a cute teddy bear with chocolates & a gold pendant was on the bed waiting for me..i love the decor, the idea and the gifts....it was so good i wasn't expecting this and it made me extremely happy that i wasn't able to control my tears that my fiance's love bought into my eyes....next day on birthday..i got another surprise...the surprise party...he invited all my friends at my home and than we all went to pizzahut & celebrated there..took lots of pics!!....love you "IRTIZA" you are my dream boy...can't wait to be ur wiffy...love u alwys!!!

  26. What a lovely lovely necklace! It reminds me of riding my bike back when I was just a little girl :)

    I have been blessed with romance so many times in my life and each one of them has left my heart pounding even harder than before.

    But if I had to point out the most romantic thing someone has done for me would be when my boyfriend, the most amazing guy a girl could meet, someone who has been swimming around in my heart and every part of my spirit for over two and a half years now, came all the way across the world (from Australia to Argentina) just so he could spend my birthday with me in Buenos Aires! We were supposed to meet at a cafe in Palermo (after being apart for 5 months!) and I ran barefoot and jumped on him the moment he walked through the door of Bar 6. My heart could not contain all of my happiness!

    We have been geographically apart so many times, but next week, believe it or not, on Valentines Day!, we will meet again at the airport in Melbourne and this time we will share a home for good! I can't wait to see him :)

    Fantastique Mémoires from the Outer Space

  27. My husband surprises me with breakfast in bed for no special occasion.
    eugeniewu at gmail dot com

  28. I was only thinking of this last night.. I bought a vintage raleigh 20 foldable bicycle on ebay a couple of years ago when my now fiance and I were courting.. I wasn't sure how I was going to get out to the very western suburbs to collect it as it wasn'tin close proximity to a train station.. Ryan found out the address from the seller,collected the bike and turned up at my apartment riding it with a bunch of flowers.. I still smile when I remember him on my 'ori' - short for origami because it's a folding bike :)

  29. My husband leaving a frangipani flower on the door as I came back from my run. We grew the frangipani from an offspring, planted it in our first house then carefully shipped it off to our second house and it's still growing strong!

  30. Cooking together with my BF.

    Follow Polli blog via GFC as Monik.
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  31. There have been poems and flowers and even a song over the years, but the most recent and very romantic moment was a few weeks ago when I found a beautiful brooch of two love birds in my handbag. My husband had bought it and hidden it for me to find.............sometime........ as a surprise.

  32. My romatic thing that given to me is when is milk and bread from my boyfriend. After I do my task in my house, I am so tired, he suddenly comes and forces me to eat it :)
    Gosh, lot of things i adore, but this one is the faviest http://www.polli.com.au/earrings-1/kohl-gold/kohl-gold-bow-earrings

    Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  33. My boyfriend makes me the most thoughtful cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and valentines. He's not especially skilled at drawing so I know it takes him hours to draw these adorable, funny cartoons. We both love to bike and rented a tandem over the summer. Life lesson: I'm too much of a control freak to enjoy riding on the back of a tandem!

  34. What’s the most romantic thing anyone has done for you?

    My husband made a 30 pages scrape book with photos of our excursion and other sweet memory captured in photos. He had given me the scrape book as our first year anniversary of V-Day... In the scrape book, every pages related our love journey and how important I am to him. When i saw the love memory book, i was overwhelm and very touch by his love!


    P/S: Very pretty necklace & happy V-day to you and your hubby!

  35. One our first official date my now wonderful boyfriend made steaks and ahi tuna... he really impressed me with his amazing cooking skills! Now he cooks for me most every night, which I think is incredibly romantic.

  36. oh man, i would love to win this! my mom is an avid tandem rider & would love this!

    most romantic thing...probably when my boyfriend premade me a whole dinner & brought it to my apt for me :)

    email is patina.waterstreet@gmail.com


  37. Aww, the symbolism in that necklace is so sweet!

    Last year on my birthday I went out to dinner with my family. It was nice but kind of a ho-hum birthday. My boyfriend said he was going out of town with his family and was sorry he wouldn't be able to spend the day with me. When I got home from dinner, I walked into an immensely decorated house and my boyfriend yelling surprise with all of our friends. He tracked down my friends he barely even knew and got the house key from my mom to pull it all together. He even brought me a dozen of my favorite donuts instead of flowers (because I'm not a flower fan). He waited all night until everyone left and gave me my first kiss and a coupon he made that was good for a dinner and movie date with him. He said he wouldn't have missed my birthday for anything.

    Thank you! :)

  38. My husband (long before he was my husband) had a custom flag made for my bike. He had one of my graphic designer friends draw the illustration to match the design of my bike, and then he had it printed onto fabric. Then his mum sewed it nicely into a triangle shape ready for my birthday!

    PS. I'm already a follower of Polli on Facebook and the blog. :)

  39. Polli is the BEST! And this necklace is adorable!!

  40. The most romantic thing my husband ever did was elope with me! I am happy we went that way, it was quick, painless, romantic, and inexpensive.
    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  41. could i do the sweetest thing? my brother wrote a song for me a few years ago and it melted me to tears and i couldn't have asked for anything better.


    following on facebook now :)

  42. It was our anniversary, and my girlfriend asked me to come over to her aunt's house to help her clean. She had a job cleaning their house and getting it ready to sell. I knew she had to work, and I knew I wouldn't see her unless I went to help her. Her aunt had disgusting living habits, and I was on my hands and knees, scrubbing years and years of dirt off of the floors. Her aunt was at her new house, watching TV.

    I was a little upset, as I had hoped to go out to dinner with her and have the day to ourselves. We never really saw each other because of our very controlling parents.

    At the end of the day, we took a shower upstairs, then she sent me downstairs. She had me sit on the couch for a good half hour. Then she called me out to the dining room. She had made us dinner, complete with sparkling cider, as I don't drink. We ate, alone in the house, and then she drove me home.

    It wasn't perfect, but I got to see her, and she sure made up for me having to scrub that dang floor all day. :)


  43. For my birthday my fiancee had the most beautiful flowers delivered. The card said "Look behind the green chair." Behind the green chair was a bag with 2 perfect dresses that he picked out! On another card he wrote "Pick one and be ready at 7:30". I put on an amazing strapless red dress, we had a very romantic dinner, and the night ended with fireworks - literally! We were at Disney World and they have fireworks every night! It was the most perfect ending to the most romantic birthday ever!

  44. When I was a child, there's a friend who give me a rose-shaped perfume and we were only kindergarten back then. Hehe <3

    Follower of you and Liked you on Facebook (Irda Wandira)

    irdawandira at hotmail dot com

  45. My husband wooed me from across an ocean with songs he wrote about me. Then he emmigrated from his beautiful country to be with me and he has love me unconditionally ever since.

    I absolutely love the little details in this necklace and I know he would too.

    Thanks for this great giveaway.


  46. Last year I was in a car accident and herniated several discs in my back. I was unable to work and spent over six months in bed. My boyfriend continued to stand (or should I say lie) next to me and support me through this terrible time in my life. He paid my rent when my medical bills became too high and constantly reminds me that I will be able to do all the things I once loved again. This includes riding a bike! I think I found myself a keeper!


  47. Most romantic thing? When I was really sick and coughing all night I offered to sleep on the couch, but my husband said he didn't care if I woke up him because it reminded him that I was there.


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