10 February 2011

Taking Valentine's back to basics


Those who are taking Valentines day back to basics and are doing it DIY styles here are some ideas for you! Make your own treats, pack a bag full of your favorite things with your camera & some bubbly, it's a perfect evening the look out on the sunset! Cheesy I know, but the girl in all of us can't deny this, come on lol!

 Love Polli xx


  1. I love this trend - of downplaying Valentine's Day in more subtle ways...we just recently did a styled shoot here in Washington - you can get a sneak peak here:


    We're posting the rest of the shoot on Valentine's Day!

  2. Ah... Magical! Today (after work) I'm on it!

  3. oh I wish it was warmer where I am to do this!
    Me and my boyf are celebrating our 3 years by going on a steam train with afternoon tea! cannot wait, i love that i can dress up and we can have a vintage, simple afternoon. Not really as downplayed as youre saying but maybe next year!

  4. Good idea! this looks pretty and vintage jeeje


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