15 February 2011

Say Hello To My Dream

Happy Valentine's day! May you be swept of your feet!

Valentines Day is about love, dreams & passion, therefore I wanted to a share a very unique post with all of you which is close to my heart. It's my ultimate dream post. I long to travel to Europe - especially Paris! Living in New Zealand does give you a sense of being far away from everything therefore this dream is sturring up more and more over the years.

Thanks to discovering Laduree Versailles flickr I am able to put my dream into a vision. 
Paris your all mine! I can't wait to see Marie Antoinette's history, towers of macaroons & the eiffel tower with my husband!

Love Polli xx


  1. I know exactly how you feel, living in South Africa is quite out of the way. My ultimate dream is to one day explore the streets of Barcelona & Amsterdam - two cities I adore.

    P.S. I got your necklace, thank you so much! I did a post about it last week sometime.

  2. Macaroons *_* are my favorite!! I want to go to europe and maybe live there :D

    Have a nice day

  3. I'm all for your dream! Paris is a beautiful city, oh to be able to live there even for a while & speak their language... that is a dream too. Happy hearts day! :)


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