02 May 2011

Bob Dylan

(Me & Bob....haha if only)

Bob Dylan – Vector Arena, Auckland April 30, 2011

As an early Birthday present to my husband Mike, I took him to see one of his most loved musicians. Bob has earned the right to play whatever songs he wants and that's exactly what he did! 

He made the night memorable as he played  " Like A Rolling Stone,  All Along The Watchtower and finally, Forever Young". The crowd was pleased and so was he. For a man who is pushing 70 he still seems to amaze us all after all these years. 

Mike said :" He has a real presence about him" 

Love Polli


  1. OMG I love Bob Dylan!
    What a coincidence, for my boyfriend`s birthday I bought him tickets to see one of his Favorite musicians!On 9th of April we went to see Roger Waters - the Wall...it was amazing!
    I think concert tickets are a pretty good present for a birthday!

  2. Oh, wow! You're so lucky you got to see


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