10 May 2011

A feast!

Retro tablecloth: Iko Iko

For Mothers Day, my hubby made homemade pumkin soup & I made a traditional Jan Ellis pudding (South African Pudding) and invited my folks over to our house after church for a feast! The best thing in my life is celebrating family & friends...

Does everybody like the new layout of the blog?

Love Polli xx


  1. i love Iko Iko! the blog looks lovely. And the color in your photos is particularly dreamy as well. <3 well done punkin' pie.

  2. celebrating and eating a good meal with family = good times

  3. the food sounds good!! I love pumpkins :D but I never eat soup :O
    Family is the best, no matter what, have fun with them!! take care your mommy and dad.

    I wish you a great day


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