19 May 2011

Making French Macarons

Atlast I made French Macarons. I was inspired by Amanda's post on how to make it on Here Comes The Sun. To grab this easy peasy recipe click here.

My first attempt went well apart from the fact that I made my huge, so for future reference make them bite sized and don't drench them in butter icing suger like I did lol... they are super sweet. My next attempt will be to make a macaron tower for my birthday which is coming up in July !

Love Polli xx


  1. Yum! They are so beautiful! I've never seen a macaroon this large, perhaps you're on to something...

  2. They look lovely, i would very much like to taste one!

  3. Great blog, i love your photos!

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  4. I've been wanting to make macarons for FOREVER. In fact, I think over the holidays my brother got so sick of me talking about making them that he sent me a box to make me stop whining about not being able to find almond flour in my parents small, southern town. Unfortunately, my internet sucks, and I can't see any of the pictures right now... so I guess I'll just have to come back later. I can, however, see your new blog design... and I love it!

  5. Looks Yummy!


  6. SO I just found your blog today, and it is a simply wonderful! I love it so much. And to make it even better, I have been thinking about doing this for a while!


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