05 August 2011

All the luck in the world

Jane Schouten lives in the Netherlands and she is a graphic designer and artist who loves to combine found and thrifted articles and add a personal touch. I find her work eclectic and unique. Her combination of true treasure & true trash sets a harmonious display in her work.

To view her portfolio click here, you will be amazed! And to pop in for a visit at her blog visit All the luck in the world blog. She also runs a successful Etsy store.

On another note, this is our second last weekend here in New Zealand and I can feel my heart sinking as the days pass. I am looking forward to our adventures to Qatar and I am also filled with mix feelings about leaving our life we have build up in Hamilton, New Zealand for 2 years.




  1. This is such an amazing opportunity Sone. You will be missed, but we'll still be here when you come back home for your holidays : )

  2. Beautiful pieces!
    Moving is always so bitter-sweet. Sad to leave, but excited for new adventures :)

  3. Really like her Blog^^, thank you for sharing
    yes! moving is the most stressful events in this life, especially while packing up boxes!!
    I wish you a very good and safe home removal, and be ready for your new life^^


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