02 August 2011

Kowtow Clothing Photoboot Outfit

I loved the response I got from the pixie cut below, I really enjoy reading all the comments and visiting your blogs, I am definitely considering it. One of the things I love to wear is a comfortable hoodie, and Kowtow is definitely the way to go. I just couldn't resist the bird and key illustration & especially when it's as cold as it's been the last few months. 

Kowtow is also organic fairtrade.

Feel free to visit their blog here.

Love Polli xx


  1. Super cute! That color is perfect for you!

  2. yay for the pixie. channel miss michelle williams methinks, you can definately pull it off! (alas, i have dreadlocks and am much too fond of them to take the plunge...maybe one day!)

    love kowtow clothing too!


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