10 August 2011

I got a pixie

Wearing: Yellow mustard top from Valleygirl
Stripped dress: Glassons
Pearl earnings: Diva

Do you remember this post?Well I ended up getting the pixie! 
Here is the evidence that I ended up getting the pixie haircut at Fabrik Hairdressers in Hamilton, New Zealand. We chatted about endless topics, shared a glass of wine and chatted about NZ Fashion Week which is coming up here in New Zealand. My hairdresser will also be working at NZ Fashion week! Lucky for some huh!

I definitely recommend Fabrik hairdressers to my fellow kiwi's out there.

Love Polli xx


  1. Ooo wow, I'll have to see this in person! Looking amazing though : )

  2. Wow looks amazing! You're such a babe!!!

  3. sooo cute!! i love it. you rock it, girl!

  4. Ohhhh I love it!!! you look awesome!!

  5. awesome! takes a very special lady to pull off such a hairstyle. I love it!

  6. So glad you did it!! It looks perfect on you and suits your face perfectly. LOVE it. Best look on you ever :)

  7. You look phenomenal. That cut suits you perfectly!

  8. it looks amazing and suits you so well! wishing that I suited short hair now. Love it :)
    Girl holding a paintbrush

  9. You look great!
    It was so good you did it.
    I hope you are happy about it?

  10. Oh wow, it looks great! Well done on taking the plunge. That's quite a commendable feat & it looks so good on you.

  11. Cuuuute! It really suits you! very nice! :) x


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