05 April 2014

It's a pug life

Jamie Kay wall decals | Horse Duvet from Joules  | Handmade poppoms

Obviously all our attention has been on Leon, but we haven't forgotten our little Lola. Man she is so full on that Mike has to take her to school with him for me to get some peace and quite here at home. It's like having two babies to deal with. If Lola isn't barking Leon awake she is either stomping all over my laptop while I feed Leon or jumping up onto the kitchen table looking for treats.

I didn't realise that pug puppies have soooo much energy which means we actually have to take her for a walk at least everyday or she will starting chewing on everything or start to dig holes in our lawn....phew! Hard work raising a child and looking after a puppy. But very rewarding at the same time. 

We love you little Lola.


  1. those polkadots are so great. I'm thinking I'll get some for the nursery wall. And my dogs have been full on too, Georgie barks and then Isabel cries. lol.

    1. Lol Liss, honestly it's like having two kids right? I don't know what we where thinking getting a puppy when I was pregnant. I guess we wanted to have the full family package of having a little doggie as well. She is a real delight though in saying that but yes every time Lola barks Leon cries! Haha the joys!


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