03 September 2014

Scandinavian Prints | Polli Prints

At last me and mike made some time to put up our first shelf & frames. We sat till 11 at night to finish the prints and finally got them printed on Sunday. I was burning to see them up on the wall and thought I would share my new prints I designed with you. I took a few snaps of our lounge currently. I am trying to bring in the monochrome theme as much as possible with what we have got by making the cushions and prints. 

* If you are interested in purchasing a print they are $30 for an A4, and if you have a paypal account you can get them on here. I only post within NZ at the moment, but I am happy to work something out for you if you would like a print. I can also custom make the letter you want in that pattern.


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  2. Great prints Sone- they look so cool with your wooden floor too.


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