24 December 2009

I want more adverts please, lets swop?


So my beautiful followers! I want more ads on my blog! So who would be keen to swop an add for an add? To be able to swop you have to have a blog :) Sounds good? Contact me through sonevz@gmail.com for more information.

Now I want to wish everybody an amazing MERRY CHRISTMAS !
I really enjoyed this years blogging so I'd like to end it with a bang ...
here are some beautiful eye candy for all those who loves femine vintage beauty ! My favourite is number 4 and then the black and white striped body suite which one is your favourite??


  1. Merry Christmas to you too!

    I love all the pictures, but my favourite would have to be the first one and the black and white body-suit! How cute!
    Pearl xo

  2. Merry Christmas to you too... :-)

    Aww...I love them all!!!!

  3. i LOVE number 4 as well! im a sucker for images that involve tutu like skirts and dresses

  4. swapping sounds like a good idea. i should probably do that too. LOVELY pictures. im thinking of buying a tutu for myself :) merry christmas!


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