17 December 2009

My Illustrations

Wow so Christmas is actually just around the
corner! (PHEW) and you can feel it in retail! :)
In the meantime to keep my creative juices going I have
started my own Flickr and have scanned in my own Illustrations
in! I'd love to hear what your comments on them are, and
what else you would like to see more off, or new ideas?
This is only the start of my New Year's revolution!
I am to do all things that I love and put it out there!

Thank you so much for all your comments and
those who follow me, I really appreciate it! :)
I love visiting those blogs that comment or follow
:) so make sure you leave your mark!


  1. Hii Soné! Wow these are lovely pieces hun! Looking forward to more art posts from you :D Have a lovely weekend luv~~ :))

  2. Amazing illustrations! You are so talented.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, im so happy because i have now found yours!
    Your blog is absolutly lovely, im your newest follower (for the moment!)
    Pearl xo

  3. I like these a lot! You have such great lines, good composition! Especially like the floral / plant elements.


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