21 December 2009

My 1 year wedding anniversary

1 Year anniversary
On the 20th of Decemeber 2008 Sone van Zyl & Mike Moriarty chose to
spend the rest of their lives together.
We celebrated our 1 year anniversary by Mike blind folding
me and kidnapping me to some far away place.

He told me we where going to a camping ground, instead we arrived at a Lodge Spa, where he booked us both a full body massage, and I got treated for a facial ! My first one ever! :) I was soo amazed, after that we jumped into the hot spa and got a couple of dvd's and sat in our beautiful room, where we got poured champaign.

Dinner was served and we where AWH- struck at the view, candle light, service and the most delicious food! We had to have another spa after dinner and left for a good nights rest. Waking up to a full cooked breaky and coffee in bed was just a reminder of our Honeymoon night. I feel like the most luckiest girl alive.


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