06 December 2009

New Year's Resolutions?

The one thing I love looking for in the photography, is the thinking out of the box idea! I really enjoy other cultures and trying new things that's for sure! I enjoy trying new cultural foods and going on new adventures.

Since I have been living in New Zealand for 5 years, I find that I feel for filled once I discover new things, such and seeing a town, tasting new and unusual food, discover a new form of art, making new friends, learning a language or playing a new sport....

My aim might be for the new year is to not be comfortable. The more uncomfortable you are the more you grow and the more life experiences you will get out of it. What will be your New Years resolution for 2010?
I really enjoy reading what all your thoughts are.


  1. hello :) yes, i love your blog! i mostly blog hop to look at pretty pictures, and your blog is among my favourites!! :)

  2. Great resolution. Mine is very similar. Although, I wouldn't so much call it my new year's resolution as a new mantra I'm trying to live by.

    Love Grace.


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