05 April 2013

Latest Interior Designs That Will Inspire You

The good news is that those who are looking for an interior design style to suit their home and personal taste will easily find something to suit. There is a huge selection of styles out there to choose from, with many of the trends for 2013 being accessible to almost any budget.

2013 interior design trends

A number of leading interior designers have predicted some of the trends that are set to become popular throughout the year. One is that classic print fabrics will surge in popularity, replacing the plain fabrics that have been in fashion for the last few years. Designers are also predicting a move away from the minimalist kitchen, which exudes little warmth, in favor of warmer materials that give a more vintage feel. Vintage is also going to be a theme in furniture, with antiques a strong feature in many homes.

Achieving a new look

There are a number of simple ways that can give a room a lift without going to the trouble of stripping everything out. Many people forget about the windows in a room, but it is possible to create a whole new look just by carefully dressing these areas. New curtains or blinds are a great idea, but shutters are quickly becoming a top trend for 2013 and are well worth considering. They are not expensive to purchase and fit and will become a key feature of the room. Shutters are manufactured in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic and metal. Faux shutters are also worth checking out; they are cheaper than their real wood counterparts and look just as good. 

A window dressed with shutters will not need any other type of embellishment. Plantation shutters are particularly popular at the moment and give a very traditional feel to any room. Individuals who want to be able to adjust the amount of light coming into the room should opt for shutters with adjustable slats. Cafe-style shutters cover around half the height of the window, which has the benefit of providing a degree of privacy while still letting in a reasonable amount of light. Alternatively, there are full height shutters, which are designed to cover the entire window.

Measuring for shutters

Anyone thinking about doing the job themselves may be wondering how to measure windows for faux shutters. The first step is to take a look at the window and determine where best to fit the shutters. They can be fitted either inside or outside the window recess. Mark where the shutter is to be located and then determine which type of frame is to be used; the choice is between L frames or Z frames. Measurements should be taken of the width and height of the window; measure in three positions for each and use the smallest one. This rule applies, no matter where the shutter is to be placed. In the case of cafe shutters, only measure up to the required point on the window, but still follow the three measurements guideline.      


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  3. I agree with you, interiors designers are always looking for new ideas and that’s why window shutters are their hot favorite thing in the current modern age; it adds an exceptional look to your window, which ultimately increases the total value of your house.


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