16 April 2013

Live, Learn and Travel

Traveling through Italy, Rome 2012

Our backpacking trip last year in Europe was the most memorable time of my life with my amazing husband. It’s great looking back at the things we have achieved and realize that anything is possible.

These snippets was taken on our first day in Rome, Italy. You can definitely see the excitement on our faces. I can happily go back and do it all over again...(sigh)

Next on my list would be Seattle. I actually had a look into the cost of living there, what the average jobs pays, what the cost of renting would be like and also stumbled upon
 Truck Rental Seattle which would help you out with your the big move.

Are there any readers from Seattle? I would love to hear a little bit more about the city. I feel like the USA is so huge and that it would take forever to explore it all. So I thought I would start researching a little bit more on Seattle since my favourite TV show Greys Anatomy is filmed there.

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