28 July 2014

The Little Bandana

You may see it in a picture made by a Nashville photographer or in some ELLE pictorial. You may see the bandana.. Yep, I’m talking about the thing you have seen many times on some 53-year-old biker.
This year, the bandana was gracefully worn by the male models on the Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent runway shows. It is quite possible that this little thing is the new big must have. You can see it really often on RIhanna’s neck, head and hand. The star famous star owns many bandanas, which are helping her mixing high fashion shoes with streetwear accessories. And she is absolutely rocking this trend like no one else. Also, Candice Swanepoel, the Victoria’s Secret sweetheart was seen rocking a blue bandana, while being extremely cute, walking her puppy.

If you remember the 90’s iconic movie ‘Clueless’ you have to picture one of those high school queens being a total diva, while rocking the decade’s seminal fashion flick. Also, the glamorous ‘Jenny from the block’ rocked one white bandana, while being out with her hubby at the time, Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy. And if we’re talking rap, we must mention the grand late star Tupac Shakur. The bandana was not only a thing on his head, but a huge part of his style and of the way we remember the rap king. T upac Shakur is as synonymous with the red bandana as he is with the rap game. That’s a huge reason to love this old and new thing.

There’s no exact date of when it appeared, but we know one thing-everyone loves it. Bikers, hip hop stars, teenagers and fancy designers are showing us how to wear these headscarves in different ways and on different parts of our bodies.

Remember Jane Birkin and her wrist bandana? Or Robert Redford and his classic neckerchief? These are another two examples of how cool is this little piece.
Next time when you go the shopping mall and you see a beautiful bandana, take it and let it be your little nice accessory. It will add a little color and style to your whole outfit. 


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