21 July 2014

Make Your Own Pop Art Pet Portrait


Since we have a beautiful pug called Lola who I love to photograph, I thought this tutorial is actually worth giving a go! Such a great idea, especially if you don't have the software to create something like this. I'm guessing you can be as creative as you want with this and you could even use photo's of babies, parents, girlfriends etc..how amazing it it that when you pop something into a white frame it just smartens it up as well as the room it is in.

Make Your Own Pop Art Pet Portrait

1. You will need:
Spray glue, a white frame, pink and orange paper, a photo, a photocopier and scissors

2. Cut out the photo of your pet, and photocopy it onto pink paper

3. Cut out the pink paper with your pet on it and paste it onto your orange piece of paper

4. Frame it! Finish!

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