31 July 2014

Happy 5 months

Happy 5 months my love! At five months Leon Valentino is:
- rolling over
- everything goes in the mouth
- squeals a lot
- loves tummy time, kicks in the air and it looks like he will be a fast crawler
- dribbles heaps
- pulls on Lola's ears and talks with his firsts in his mouth
- loves avocado & banana 
- grabs onto anything and everything 
- reaches out to toys and turns around in a circle
- can't seem to put him down a lot, want's to be held most of the time
- doesn't have a dummy anymore which has improved his sleeping pattern a lot! (Only wakes up twice now 10/11 and then again at 3 or 4) 
- he has randomly done a 2 - 3 hour nap during the day which I hope continues
- he lost one shoe today
- ticklish on his back just like me
- loves going for walks with me, mike & lola at the dog park
- new favourite toys are: all plastic baking equipment 
- I also loves dressing him in onesies because I don't want him to grow up too fast
- his latest trick is in the third photo, he uses his feet to move around like this
- I love this child unconditionally 
- I would like to buy him montessori toys and get him a little mobile to hang above his cot


  1. Hes so gorgeous!! Love these posts about him :) xx

    1. ash thanks hun! I think so as well. Having a baby is so much fun! Lots of cuddles for Harper


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