04 July 2014

How To Find Uncommon Goods For Your House

caterpillar bud vase

Vintage Camera Pillows

Grow your own terrarium
Honeycomb decorative accent shelf

Hooray it's the weekend at last! I get to have some "me time" and by "me time" I mean time to sit on my bum on my laptop and dream about beautiful home décor for our new house. I wasn't aware that setting up a home takes so much research and vision. We have now realised that we enjoy the "less is more" type of home and slowly but surely I have started clearing out the stuff from five years ago that just wasn't us anymore. Fortunately for us we stumbled upon UncommonGoods home décor. 

One thing I didn't realise was how expensive setting up a home can be, especially if you are interested in running a theme through your house. This why we went for a more cleaner look since we have furniture from mine and Mike's flatting days, combined with my parents dining table etc.. That's why we found UncommonGoods so good because it has exactly what it says it has, unique items to make your home look fabulous.

In my online research on the newest trends, you would have noticed that the scandinavian look has taken off all over the internet stores. They seems to go for more of a natural interior environment. Things like geometrical shapes, wood & neutral colour tones, combined with with plants seem to have hit almost every Pinterest page out there it seems. 

Cute terrariums filled with moss on a wooden board in an empty white room transports us back to a more natural simplistic space and time. And to be quite frank it creates more of a relaxed atmosphere as well. I have shared a few favourites of mine on here today. Initially my idea was to put the honeycomb decorative accent shelf in Leon's room for all his little books. I want the terrarium to go on my dresser because I like a bit of green in the bedroom, and it's great for improving the air quality indoors. The vintage camera cushions would go on our bed of course, they would look great with a white duvet cover. Finally we get to the caterpillar bud vase. This would look great on our kitchen table with some freshly snipped camellias in them (if you follow us on Instagram you would have noticed that I have a bit of a fetish for this beautiful flower). 

I could spend hours whiling away the time on this wonderful site, filling our house full of stylish things to make it just the way I want it. I only hope my husband will one day let me make this reality!

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