14 July 2014

Natural Parenting

After having Leon I have found a new awareness of natural parenting. At our playgroup I found a great magazine I thought a friend of mine would be interested called The Natural Parent. However I ended up reading half of it and found it really awesome. I then started flicking through the back pages and found Made4baby which is natural baby products which I absolutely love! I didn't think much of using general cleaning products for babies to start of with, until I actually had my own baby, and I then discovered how sensitive their skin can be. I am also a big fan of the Little Hearts natural bib & teether set which Leon loves, especially now that he has started to teeth! 

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  1. Thank you for these valuable information. It's good to know that you are practicing natural parenting. This will surely help a lot, not just for me but for all of the mothers out there that want to learn the proper ways of parenting in a natural way. And it's great that you are using natural bib and teether for your little one. I admire you for this thing!


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