24 October 2011

Mui Mui Booties

top row: mr. newton ; bottom left: trendy crew ; bottom middle & right: citizen couture
a bunny planter (sold unfortunately):
Next on my list will have to be a pair of glitter mui mui booties. I found these cuties on Net-A-PORTER  a cute online store via Miss Moss.They really are one of a kind these mui mui booties.

I am trying to get rid of an awe-full cold, so if you have a remedy I could try please do tell. I have the worse sore throat yet.

Love Polli xx


  1. Argh colds are the worst!! I have just gotten rid of a terrible one, such sore throat! I like to have lots of (Lemon/Honey/Cider vinegar/Hot water) drinks and pretty much you just have to get plenty of sleep, drinks lots of water, avoid dairy and fatty foods and wait for it to go away!! Hope you feel better soon xxx

  2. I love these Mui Mui boots too! They are seriously lovely.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. hey doll.........
    as much as I'm dying to know what this new and amazing label is that is producing these remarkable booties.....
    I have come to conclude that in actual fact you are referring to MIU MIU Prada's little Sister)...and since I did the PR for them in London, I have a good mind to shoot you!!!



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