04 October 2011

Sweet Dreams

Natasha is a lawyer and and one amazing photographer. It's her soft and fragile theme to her photography that makes me want to tuck myself into a little blanket and watch the rain outside, or just gaze at leaves dropping from a tree.

I find myself always daydreaming and gazing at the sky, I get told of allot for doing this. As creepy as it sounds I like to watch people and make up stories of their lives. I wonder what their life is like, what languages they speak and where they where born. I just find people rather interesting in general, everybody is so different but yet the same. I just thought I would share this random little thought with all of you today.

Love Polli xx


  1. Lovely photographs. I do much the same all the time, i am a little bit of a daydreamer. The train gets me every time, people think i am staring at them which can be a little awkward.

  2. The tea cup photo looks so pretty :) I tend to do the same thing too...people can just be so interesting sometimes!

  3. It's funny I do the same thing too, I gaze at the clouds and I think about other ppl's lives.


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