06 October 2011

Outfit Flash Back

I wanted to share with you a flashback of my outfit posts. It's funny how your taste change in one year.
And my hair of course. I think I look totally different with short hair.

Oh and sorry for the late post, I was awake till 1am this morning playing around with some settings on my blog, and as you can notice in my top header there is a link tab called Design Portfolio. This part of my blog is under construction as I am still working on it. So I think I might just have a few more late nights to finish up that project.

Which outfit do you like most?

Love Polli xx


  1. I would roll around laughing if I did a flashbackbof my hairstyles from the 80's to now.

  2. I love the first outfit and the second one!
    But I love your blog and style in general ever since I discovered it on Pinterest. I am now living in Paris but we were expatriated to Qatar for 2 years some time ago, so reading your Doha posts bring me back a lot of memories (some good, some bad). It's a strange dynamic growing city - enjoy it!
    And keep blogging ;)

  3. you look so beautiful in that first photo. The dress is lovely and the lighting is beyond brilliant.

  4. Oh wow! You really do look different with short hair! I love it all your photos are so pretty :)

  5. I like your hair :) but I love the long jeje, cute post

  6. uhmm very difficult question.i like the 2nd outfit most, the one with the red/white stripes.i love stripes.

  7. Yeah, isn't it interesting how your taste changes all the time? At least that's what I feel like, I could constantly update my wardrobe ;)
    I like the red shirt with the the long skirt of you under the palm trees.
    And also the one in front of the wall with the boyfriend sweater, the glasses and a cup of tea :)
    Which one is your favourite outfit, looking back at all of them now? That'd be interesting to know :)
    Love, Lily
    lonely afternoon

  8. Cute post! Following you! =}



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