05 October 2011

Polli loves tea

I love tea and I have been trying out different teas lately which have been nice. My favorite tea at the moment is rooibos and this french rose with vanilla is super amazing ! I honestly drink like 4 cups a day. What tea is your favourite?

Love Polli xx


  1. I love tea too! There is a brand of organic tea they sell in the states called "The mighty leaf", it has become my favorite, especially their orange and chocolate mint flavors. The tea bags are also made of silk and are hand sewn. I'm gonna see if my grocery store carries your favorite, it sounds delicious, I would love to try it :)

  2. me too.and i've seen this kind of teabags quite often recently.but i like them, they look so delicate and smooth.

  3. Ooo! There's only one type of tea that I like and it's youthberry tea from teavana :)It's soo good!

  4. I love tea :D I recently bougth sencha and derjalin


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